Leon Trotsky, Tenor Ensemble

Robert Xavier Rodriguez’s Frida is a musical portrait of Frida Kahlo. At age 18 Kahlo was badly injured in a traffic accident, which necessitated many medical procedures. Her recovery in isolation, as well as a lifetime in physical pain, profoundly influenced her paintings — some of the most compelling of the 20th century. Kahlo’s two marriages to famed Mexican muralist Diego Rivera (creator of Detroit Industry for the Detroit Institute of Arts) was another source of inspiration and heartache. The opera celebrates Kahlo’s vivacious spirit, sexuality, and fragility, with music as colorful as her artwork.

Music by Robert Xavier Rodriguez Book by Hilary Blecher Lyrics by Migdalia Cruz First performed in Philadelphia, 1991

Company premiere Co-produced with the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts Sung in English and Spanish with English translation projections

frida poster